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Ms. S.Ulagammal M.Com., M.Ed., M.Phil., D.Co.Op., PGDCA., M.Sc Counselling & Psychotherapy. Based on the experience gained on working with a IAS/IPS coaching academy at Chennai as Education counsellor and administration for 14 years, I have been offering counselling for school students from 2015 onwards.

I received the first Counselling Permission Order on 15.07.2016 from the Commissioner of Education, Metropolitan Corporation of Chennai regarding the provision of education Counselling and started going to the schools of the Corporation. Student Guidance and Counselling, which started in 2015 before receiving the Counselling Permission Order in 2016, I have personally visited approximately 200 schools and provided counselling to approximately 14000 students / students prior to the Corona outbreak.

At Kendriya Vidyalaya, I received 16 schools Counselling Permission Order for counselling and guidance, of which I went to only 6 schools and met arround 400 students.

I have been going to colleges not only in Chennai but also in different towns, cities and giving psychological Counselling and Guidance on higher education.

Since 2016 I have been getting the opportunity to address during their training, to the employment officer selected for the JEO job. Received Certificate for that. In addition, I continue Guidance & Counselling for aspirants, those who are preparing for competitive examination organized by the Employment Skills Development Training Center.

In addition to working as the “Master Trainer” of the Tamil Nadu Police Counselling, I also provided psychological counselling to the police and their families on mobile during the Corona epidemic lockdown period, providing the necessary assistance through top officials of the department. I have received the certificate.

I have worked with various voluntary organizations and have been visiting Loyola College Outreach in Chennai with students to visit various slums and given awareness on education, psychological counselling for women.

During the corona epidemic, I have been participating in events organized by various Colleges, Schools, Employment Offices, and voluntary organizations and delivered speech about higher education and psychological counselling online. I have met thousands of people in many districts, many states, many countries, at various events through online Zoom, Google Meet and various platforms…


  • Visited C.S.I. Higher Secondary School for the Deaf, Santhome High Road Mylapore, Chennai, Delivered Speech around 25 teachers including Principal.
  • Visited Again, C.S.I. Higher Secondary School for the Deaf, Santhome High Road Mylapore, Chennai, Delivered Speech around 65 Students.
  • Visited Saint Louis Institute For The Deaf And Blind, Kotturpuram (Rotary)


Education is a tool. We can understand the same and others can also know about us only from the way we utilize the education and knowledge we have acquired. Generally a question arises within everyone i.e, “Can” I, he / she? .Rather right answer to that question is “Yes I/he/She can”.I am confident that I can inculcate this type of positive attitude and self confidence into students and my academic work started towards this direction even during my college days .

Since then I have been working with an aim/goal to sow passion for education,and the attitude of wanting to achieve something in the hearts of younger generation from the experience I have gained . I am giving Psychological Guidance & Counselling for Aspirants who are preparing IAS, IPS & TNPSC, SSC, Railway, and Bank and other Competitive Examination and creating awareness about the opportunity available in government service. through my periodical personal visits to Government School, Corporation School, Kendriya Vidyalaya School, & College students.My most important aim is to prepare younger generation to face the problems come across, analyse psychologically and achieve success in life

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My father was running a nursery school namely Thiruvalluvar Nursery School at Tirunelveli, my native place. The roots of my interest started from there itself and continued as my education journey during my college days.

After coming home from college, I spent most of my evening time in taking tuition to the students of Govt. School, solving their educational problems, giving Guidance and Counselling mission and discussing with parents about their problems and my counselling journey started this way only.

I never thought I would leave Nellai in 2001 and shifted to Chennai accidentally. After coming to Chennai, I applied for civil service exams and joined Civil service coaching Institute to prepare for exams. In that institute after classes were over I started helping in managing the institute and started providing education Counselling and Guidance support to students. Over a period of time that itself became my full time job. During that period UPSC aspiring students could contact me any time for any education assistance they needed, not only during working hours and even after or after working hours which became as my exclusive identity.

From 2001 to 2014, during 14 years of journey in the institute students were coming to me for any assistance. In this process I could cover only a very small section of youngsters. Moreover those youngsters were all graduated from college. Meanwhile I had a thought process that if I myself go to students directly and meet them at their place I could contribute to much broader section. Also I was confident that, If I could add students at school level I could help them in creating clarity in their mind and choosing right path. So I decide to quit the Institute job in order to continue my journey of meeting students directly.

After going out only I could understand that apart from students, elders and differently able persons also need psychological assistance. I decided to take them along in my journey.

Now I keep travelling continuously to Primary School Children, Middle School Children, High School, Higher Secondary School, Arts and Science College, Engineering College, Medical College, Children’s Home, Old Age Home, Deaf and Blind Institution, Home Makers Events, Employment and Skills Development Center, Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Slum Clearance Residents, Police Well-Being (Master Trainer) with a passion.

I love to travel to as many places as possible and keep studying people’s mind. My aim is to utilize the knowledge I gained and carry forward to others with psychological approach which will be useful to them till my last breath…



  • Women’s Day Celebration, Adaikalam Trust, Chief Guest (29.03.2015)
  • Gems of DISHA Award (26.07.2015)
  • Sirpi Foundation “Brave Lady” Award (15.03.2017)
  • Amudhsurabhi online patimanram participation, “Pattimantram Arbitration Award” & “Iron Lady Award” (30.04.2017)
  • Oorani Foundation “Path Breaker” award 2018
  • International Social Hero Awrd – 2020 “Best Frontliner in 2020”
  • S2S Foundation “சமூக சிற்பி” Award (05.09.2020)
  • Kalam UV Foundation “Appreciation Awards” (21.11.2020)
  • Indiaan World Records – Best Humanity Award” (01.01.2021)
  • Super Royal TV Award – 2021, Best Educationist & Counsellor (23.03.2021)
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Counselling to the Police Personnel & their Family Members. (01.05.2021)
  • Kalangarai Vizhakkam Foundation, Kaarunyam Foundation, Kavithiran Medi together Padmasri Vivek memiriak “Kaiselvar Viruthu” (09.05.2021)
  • Orange World Record Certificate for delivered speech on “Teenagers Challenges” (12.07.2021)
  • Tamil Nadu Youth Congress, Ceberating & Honouring “Womanhood”, Smt.Soniya Gandhi Awards-2022 (09.03.2022)
  • Siram Foundation, Guest of Honour (13.03.2022)
  • Thanga Mangai Award – 2022, Tamilal Inaivom-Ulagath Tamil Periyakkam (15.03.2022)
  • WOTTAC Award-Outstanding Performance of Counselling (15.05.2022)

Latest Articles

I’ve spent most of my life with students, honing their dreams and aspirations. IAS, IPS and TNPSC aspirants, and students from various government schools must have a goal.

What do students
need these days?

I have given speeches to around 14000 students in 13 colleges, 6 Kendriya Vidyalaya schools, almost 200 government and corporation schools, excluding private schools. I consider that through my speeches it is necessary to create awareness among students about the use of life-skill experiences along with their curriculum, so that they can develop their individuality and personality

In current day scenario I believe that all students need clarity on psychological education and sex education, apart from their regular curriculum. One can express his leadership skills only after gaining clarity in thought and action.

Education only helps to make one perfect and develop his leadership skills. It is therefore essential to develop leadership qualities along with regular curriculum scores.

Leadership quality is present in everyone, but it can be understood by others only by the way its is expressed.

I politely tell them about the needed essential things in current practical life along with guidance to understand the problems arising in the ability to communicate with others, deal with difficulties, decision making through stories and real life incidents

Ethics is a very important aspect in every individual’s life. We can make students to understand that by following ethics they can get clarity about “who am I? What to do? Why to do? What are personal responsibilities, family responsibilities, and social responsibilities?”, exhibit their individuality and execute their responsibilities.

I am sure that such kind of real life education training will help a student to become a better person and to be known by others as a matured person with individuality.

I am Ulagammal
Education Counsellor

I was born with four siblings in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. The functionality of my legs was affected due to polio, from a very young age. Since then, I strongly believe that love and belief moves you more than anything. I preach what I practice. I worked my way through various institutions, people and adversities to be where I am today. But they made me what I am.

Students and my search for knowledge

Degrees like B.Com, MCom, MEd, MPhil, PGDCA, Diploma in Co-Operation (D.Co.Op), and MSc. didn’t curb my thirst and love for education. Hence, I stay in touch with academia by interacting a lot with students and schools. I believe a lot of proper guidance and positive reinforcement is needed. This is the way to uplift the underprivileged and rural students.

Ulagammal, Education Counsellor

Competitive exams and current happenings

As someone who’s attempted these exams a couple of times, and as someone who’s dedicated 14 years in the field of competitive exams, I understand the landscape well.

A very keen eye and a dedicated mind that seeks and collects important stats, current happening and headlines are essential to crack these exams.

Collecting and categorizing trivia that helps the aspirants of these exams has almost become a very healthy hobby.

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